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Our radon work services 

At Suomen radonhallinta Oy, we have created a unique service model for radon work, combining high quality, reasonable pricing and efficiency. Radon work doesn't always mean expensive large-scale projects, and in many cases radon-safety can be achieved with very small actions. We always deliver the agreed upon services with top quality results and a customer-oriented approach for which we have been highly commended throughout Finland. Our operations are fully compliant with the new Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out. We are a unique operator in the industry, as our daily operations are focused entirely on providing radon services. 

Issues caused by radon can be alleviated in many ways, and the best approach in radon work is always is dictated by the property type, ventilation system, soil conditions and other features of the property in question. An expert consultation on site will help find the best and most cost-efficient solutions for any type of property.

As an indication of our expertise, we work in close collaboration with the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, provide all types of radon work services and are currently Finland’s largest operator in the radon industry.

Our radon work services include the installation of radon extractor fans and radon wells, depressurization of base floors, insulation work, ventilation adjustment and usage gauging as well as the maintenance of existing radon extraction equipment.

Our service model ensures quick results with all issues and challenges related to radon extraction and control. Whether the property in question is a private home, school, place of work or other public facility, we will help you deal with radon issues quickly and cost-efficiently. All our radon work personnel are professionals trained by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). Radon work is typically completed within one working day, after which all health hazards caused by radon are eliminated.


RadonWay® solutions for properties of all sizes

In collaboration with Dosime Oy, Finnish radon experts have developed the ready-to-install RadonWay® extraction system specifically designed for Nordic environments. The solution is suitable for properties of all sizes. Suomen radonhallinta Oy is an authorised installer of RadonWay® products. The radon extraction system is guaranteed to remove hazardous radon gases efficiently and effectively. Installation is typically completed within one working day, as no large-scale structural changes or excavation work is required. RadonWay® products are CE certified and compliant with all regulations set by the Finnish authorities as well as the recent EU directive on protection against radiation and the health hazard caused by radon in indoor air.  

RadonWay® radon extraction solutions are designed to fulfil the requirements of the European Council directive 2013/59/Euratom on radon extraction equipment. RadonWay® solutions are always installed and adjusted to function optimally according to the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle in compliance with the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’ requirements. 

According to studies conducted by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK, extraction fan systems are one of the most efficient methods for removing hazardous radon gases from indoor air (source: STUK). RadonWay® solutions were presented as the most recent innovation in radon safety during radon training events organised by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in 2015 and 2016. The RadonWay® solution designed by Finnish engineers is proven to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer by 90%.  

  • The purchase and usage costs of a radon extraction system are very low considering the system’s life cycle. 
  • RadonWay® solutions are suitable for both indoor and outdoor facilities. The solution features a built-in indoor air filtering system.
  • All units are manufactured in Finland, CE certified and come with Finnish instruction manuals.
  • All RadonWay® solutions installed by professionals have a 3-year warranty.

Read more about Dosime Oy’s RadonWay® solutions at www.radonway.fi.

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Customer testimonials for the RadonWay® indoor air radon extraction solution:


Customer testimonial:

The installation of the RadonWay extraction system began in the morning, and when I got back from work, the installation was finished and the place was left tidy. I’m very pleased with the service and for choosing the RadonWay solution. We performed a check-up analysis using radon gauges by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, and according to the results, the levels of radon in our home went down by 90% after the installation. The cost of the system and turn-key installation was EUR 3,850 in total. Highly recommended. (Customer from Tampere, Finland) 

Customer testimonial:

Back in the day, we had a radon well installed, and it functioned well at times. The real issue was that the standard duct fan in the underground radon well was not durable enough. Our radon well was updated using the RadonWay solution which filters tiny particles out of the air, helping the suction devices function more efficiently. The installation of the new system brought us considerable energy savings. The old radon well consumed electricity for around EUR 240/year, whereas now the cost of electricity consumed has dropped to EUR 65/year. Installation was quick and the new system has effectively reduced the levels of radon in our home. (Customer from Hollola, Finland) 

Customer testimonial:

We have consulted a number of radon service providers. I must commend the experts at Suomen radonhallinta Oy. They really helped solve the radon issue in our housing association with a smart approach and costs that were a fraction of what other service providers would have charged. I highly recommend Suomen radonhallinta Oy, my contact details are available from them in case you are still hesitating. (Customer from Espoo, Finland) 

Customer testimonial: 

We had the RadonWay SafeLine extraction system installed in our semi-detached house. The equipment is located in our walk-in closet and it’s very discreet. Installation was carried out exactly as agreed. The price in total was EUR 2,860, around EUR 1,000 of which is eligible for tax credit for domestic help. Therefore, the actual cost of the solution was less than EUR 2,000. 

Customer testimonial:

Our housing association used to have very high levels of radon in indoor air. We requested offers for solutions and methods from three different operators. In the end, we chose RadonWay solutions thanks to their highly positive references. RadonWay cost 60% less than the most expensive of all the offers we received, which would have also entailed considerable excavation work. The installation carried out by professionals went well, and now the radon levels in all our apartments have fallen below the 200Bq/m3 threshold value. Thank you! (Housing association board chairman from Päijät-Häme, Finland) 

Customer testimonial: 

(spoken by a child) Daddy, is our home safe now? I wanna come and wave at the nice men, too! Those men were nice and they had kids too, when are they gonna come and visit us again and bring their kids with them, too? 

Customer testimonial: 

Highly recommended, things worked out just as agreed and the customer service was very professional. (Customer from Espoo, Finland) 

Customer testimonial: 

I’m awed by the level of expertise and efficiency. Everybody knew exactly what they were doing, and the installation was completed very efficiently. Although our site has highly demanding occupational safety rules, there was nothing to complain about with the installation team’s actions. Highly professional, top-notch work. I rarely give praise, but there’s not much else I can do here. Head of Occupational Health and Safety (Site in Southern Finland) 

Customer testimonial:

The radon extraction system installed in our walk-in closet is very discreet and has great finishes. You can tell by the different components as well as the solution as a whole that the installation service is top quality. The system uses up less electricity than a desk lamp! My neighbour had a radon well installed in 2014, and when she found out we had the RadonWay system and heard the price was only EUR 4,180, she said: “We’ll never have another radon well in our front yard.” After claiming tax credit for domestic help, we got back nearly EUR 1,500 of the price, and the final cost was around EUR 2,500. (Customer from Hämeenlinna, Finland) 

Customer testimonial:

I never would have thought we had such high levels of radon in our house. I requested offers for radon solutions from a number of different operators. One operator could only implement radon wells, another could do wells or extraction hubs located outside of the building. We finally came across the new RadonWay solutions on Google. The installers’ expertise, equipment and the components used were top-notch. I highly recommend the RadonWay radon extractor fan as well as the services of Suomen radonhallinta Oy. (Customer from Vantaa, Finland) 

Customer testimonial: 

We did not have much of an issue with radon, but we used the RadonWay FreshLine products to freshen up our indoor air. Our indoor air quality improved noticeably, and the amount of radon in the air went down, too. I highly recommend this service and the service provider. (Customer from Kerava, Finland) 


Customer testimonial: 

Using gauging jars from STUK, we found that our apartment had extremely high levels of radon (3,800Bq/m3). We immediately booked the installation of a RadonWay extractor fan for the following week. The estimated installation time was 6 hours, and the actual installation time including clean-up turned out be only 5 hours 30 minutes. Thorough gauging tests were performed, after which the system has been functioning automatically. I did a re-check with the jars from STUK in late spring, and now there’s only around 70 becquerels of radon per cubic metre. I’m very happy with the results, as I really value my health. Highly recommended. (Customer from Kotka, Finland) 


Customer testimonial: 

Thank you so much for helping us, we’d had issues with radon for years. We received proposals for various different solutions from a number of “experts”. It wasn’t easy to find you, but it was definitely worth the trouble. We are happy to give our contact details to anyone who wishes to hear more about your highly professional and fantastic service. Many thanks! (Customers from Kontioniemi, Finland)

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