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Radon testing for soil and risk area surveys throughout Finland   

We perform radon testing and ground state surveys using specialised gauging equipment

Radon gases rise up to ground level through cracks in the base rock and via the porous structures of minerals in the soil. Levels of radon detected at ground level depend on how permeable the soil is and on the presence of uranium in the soil. Radon gases can travel long distances in the soil before becoming diluted. Therefore radon concentrations can be gauged at ground level and above uranium deposits using highly sensitive specialised equipment. Concentrations of radon in the soil always inform the safety measures that should be taken into account in construction. 

Louhinta radon

Radon testing for soil at construction and excavation sites 

Ympäristön radontutkimus STUK

Radon and uranium surveys, ground state surveys at nature sites  

  • Radon surveys at construction sites 
  • Radon testing for construction materials 
  • Radon testing near quarries 
  • Radon testing for soil processing sites 
  • Radon exposure testing near excavation sites 

Give us a call if you have a need for radon testing services. Call us at: +358 (0)10 323 1000 

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