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Radon measuring services for private households

Radon is a radioactive gas;

It is not visible, not to be scented or tasted. Only way to find out radon levels of inside air is to perform official radon measurements. 

The official measuring procedure is accepted by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland (STUK). Minimum lenght of the measurements is 2 months and it must be carried out between 1st of September – 31th of May.

By the istructions of Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, radon measurements should be done by two radon detectors. Measurements of smaller apartments could be done by one detector.

Radon detectors should be placed to the lowest area of the building that is used on a regular places (such as bedroom and living room).

Our radon test set includes radon detectors, instructions and airtight bags for returning the detectors. After sending back the detectors you will receive results of the radon measurement during 30 days.



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