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Radon in Finland and other Nordic countries


Finland has the highest levels of radiation caused by radon in the world. Prevalent issues in buildings are caused by construction methods, climate and geological circumstances. While Finns are not very active in testing for radon, the new EU requirements implemented in 2018 are likely to have a considerable impact on Finland as well. 


The average amount of radon in Finnish apartments is 96Bq/m3

By 2014, approximately 8% of all Finnish apartments had radon testing performed. Approximately 15,000 radon analyses are performed annually in Finland, a very low figure compared to the other Nordic countries.


Average levels of radon in Swedish apartments: 108Bq/m3 

Sweden has a similar issue with radon, but it has now been actively addressed with the recommendation of self-ventilating base floor structures, for example. Sweden also has a very high rate of testing for radon. Approximately 160,000 radon analyses take place in Sweden annually. For many, the test documentation is a prerequisite for property sales. Government subsidies are also granted for projects taking place in high-risk radon zones. In Sweden, radon testing is compulsory for terrace houses and apartment buildings.


Average levels of radon in Norwegian apartments: 106Bq/m3

The national threshold value in Norway is 100Bq/m3, and government subsidies are granted for projects taking place in high-risk radon zones.


Average levels of radon in Danish apartments: 77Bq/m3 

In Denmark, radon is not as much of an issue compared to the rest of the Nordics.



The national threshold value for apartments in Germany is 100Bq/m3, and the average concentration is 50 Bq/m3. 

Average levels of radon in English apartments: 20Bq/m3


The World Health Organization’s recommendation for a maximum radon concentration in indoor air is 100Bq/m3.

Radon annually results in approximately 1,300 cases of lung cancer leading to death in the Nordics. 

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