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High levels of radon considerably increase the risk of developing lung cancer


Radioactive radon gases rise from the soil, causing a serious health hazard to Finnish homeowners. Radon is an odourless, tasteless and invisible gas, and as such it cannot be observed without the right equipment. Radon testing is the only way to detect the levels of radon inside an apartment.

According to various studies, radon is a considerable risk factor for developing lung cancer. Every year, approximately 300 people die of lung cancer caused by radon in Finland.

Apartments and places of work with concentrations exceeding the threshold value of 400Bq/m3 may be found anywhere in Finland, but most high-risk radon zones are typically located in Southern Finland and the Pirkanmaa region. Places of work, houses and first-floor apartments in these areas should be tested for radon. Radon testing is also recommended for properties outside of Finland, especially if they are built on sandy or gravelly soil.

  • Exposure to high levels of radon in indoor air is a considerable risk factor for developing lung cancer
  • After smoking, radon is the second greatest cause of lung cancer in 20% of all cases (Wikipedia)
  • Over 300 people are diagnosed with lung cancer caused by radon every year in Finland (STUK)
  • Radon in indoor air can only be detected with a radon analysis, as it cannot be seen, smelled or tasted
  • Exposure to radon does not cause any immediate symptoms (it DOES NOT cause vertigo, coughing or a runny nose)
  • Radon-safe indoor air increases the value and resale potential of your apartment


Threshold values for apartments in Finland

According to a decree given by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the levels of radon in apartments must not exceed the threshold value of 400Bq/m3. Apartments granted a planning permit on or after 1 April 2004 must be designed and constructed in such a way that their levels of radon do not exceed 200Bq/m3.

The World Health Organization recommends a threshold value of 100Bq/m3 for apartments.

High levels of radon in indoor air considerably increase the risk of developing lung cancer

Have you made sure your home is radon-safe?



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