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Radon testing and removal for bore well water 


Groundwater in areas with uranium deposits often contains radon. Radon is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas, and is therefore difficult to detect. The amount of radon in water cannot be predicted based on the water’s uranium content, and laboratory tests are required to accurately determine it. Radon is one of the intermediate steps in the radioactive decay chain of uranium. Radon has a half-life of 3.8 days. Radon is present particularly in bore well water, but it can also be found in other types of well. The threshold value for radon in domestic water distributed by water supply facilities is 300Bq/l (becquerel/litre). 

Radon in water causes a health hazard when it is released into indoor air in a gaseous form. This happens when water is used for showering or dishwashing, for example. Radon can also quickly evaporate into indoor air when water is heated. Water can be either aerated or filtered using an activated carbon filter to remove radon. Radon removal systems are highly efficient, and a suitable solution can be selected based on the volume and radon content of the water used. Radon in bore well water can only be detected with laboratory testing. 

  • The average amount of radon in Finnish bore well water is 460Bq/l 
  • Domestic water in municipal water networks in Finland has under 30 bequerels of radon per litre  
  • Bore wells with levels of radon exceeding 30,000Bq/l have been discovered 

According to the Radiation Act (592/91) and the ST guideline 12.3, water supply facilities and food product manufacturers have certain safety benchmarks for the radioactivity of the water they produce or use in the production of goods. The amount of radon in water may not exceed 300Bq/l. The threshold value for radon is lower if the water also contains other radioactive substances.  

Book a radon analysis for your bore well water at a set price of EUR 129. You can either pick up the small water sample jar from us at our Vantaa location or have it mailed to you. All water samples are analysed in a laboratory accredited by STUK. The analysis results will be mailed to you within a few days of their completion. Call our customer service at +358 (0)10 323 1000 to book a bore well radon analysis or buy the service online at www.radontalkoot.fi . 

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