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Radon testing and gauges approved by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority


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Authorised radon gauging jars approved by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)

radonmittausmenetelmat alfajalki pitkaaika

The radon testing method authorised by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. Based on section 12 of the Radiation Act (1521/1991), this testing method has been approved for use at places of work, and based on section 3 of a decree (944/1922) given by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, for determining the annual average concentrations of radon in indoor air for apartments. The method has been accredited according to the ISO 17025 standard. Radonova radon testing equipment is provided by Suomen radonhallinta Oy. 


Radonpurkki Stuk




Radon exposure testing during work, approved by STUK

Toteutamme  työnaikaiset radonaltistusmittaukset maanpäällisissä työpisteissä, sekä maanalaisissa kaivoksissa  Suomen Säteilyturvakeskuksen (STUK) hyväksymillä mittalaitteilla.

Read more about our exposure testing during work services.

Computerised radon gauges are suited for many needs


Computerised radon gauges can be used to determine radon concentrations in real time. Analysis of this data helps inform the selection of the best and most cost-efficient solutions. 

Computerised radon gauges can also be used for optimising radon extractor fans, radon wells and other extraction systems.


Well implemented radon solutions create both financial and health benefits. 


With computerised systems, areas requiring the highest level of extraction can be determined, and the entire system can more easily be optimised to fulfil the ALARA requirement.

 Radonkorjauksen saatomittaus

Quick radon gauges Corentium Home and Airthings Wave


  Canary radonmittari            

Quick gauges can be used to determine radon concentrations in your home over a very short period of time. N.B. Short-term results are only informative, and for official radon testing we recommend a two-month gauging period using our radon gauging jars.

Quick radon gauging jar, gauging period 7–15 days



Short-term gauging jars are analysed in an accredited laboratory using very strict methods. 

Quick gauging jars are well suited for analysing the need for radon work.

Radon exposure testing as part of occupational health and safety, lung cancer risk assessment


Henkilökohtainen radonaltistusmittaus


Radon exposure testing as part of occupational health and safety for monitoring and assessing radon risks to employees. Personal and highly transportable radon analysis system best suited for mines and other quickly changing work environments.


High concentrations of radon are a risk factor for developing lung cancer.

You can protect yourself against future health issues with a risk assessment and a personal radon exposure analysis.

Radon testing for construction materials


All rock-based materials increase the radiation in our living environments. However, these radiation levels are typically negligible. In spaces with concrete ceilings, walls and floors, the structural elements alone produce a radon concentration of approximately 60–80Bq/m³. Rock-based materials typically do not exceed any recommended threshold values set for radon. In practice, exceeding the threshold values set in the decree by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is only possible when air rises through porous soil and landfill into an apartment. Information on background radiation caused by construction materials is available in the radiation safety guideline ST 12.2.


Construction materials manufactured using rock with a high uranium content can lead to issues with raised levels of radioactivity and the risk of developing cancer.

Nearly all of the radon present in apartments on the upper floors of apartment buildings originates from the construction materials used. Do you suspect the structural elements of your home might be causing radiation? Give us a call and we’ll figure it out.

Radon testing for bore well water

Bore well water is the greatest cause for radon exposure through household water usage. Hazardous, undetectable radon gases are released into indoor air as water is used. Radon in water momentarily spikes the concentration of radon in indoor air. Radioactive components adhere to tiny particles floating in the air and are then inhaled. High concentrations of radon in water cause a health hazard when showering, washing dishes or boiling water. Drinking radioactive water also exposes the stomach to radiation and increases the risk of developing cancer. Radon can be effectively removed from water either through aeration or using an active carbon filter.




Radon testing for water is performed in an accredited laboratory.

The analysis results will be mailed to you within a few days of their completion.

Book a radon analysis for water here.

Radon testing for soil at construction sites and for locating uranium deposits


Maaperän radonmittaus

Pictured: AlphaGuard gauge, suitable for soil testing.

Quick radon analyser for detecting radon leaks and for performing radon work

A tool for every radon professional, specifically designed for planning radon work and assessing different implementation methods. The quick radon analyser helps detect the routes through which radon gases enter a property and indicates how well radon extractor fans are functioning based on a quick air sample.

The quick radon analyser samples air in six minutes, equivalent to 500 hours of gauging using standard methods. Real-time calculation of alpha particles quickly analyses he number of particles in input air.


radonmittausmenetelmat mittalaite

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