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Finnish legislation on testing for radon

Radon testing is compulsory for places of work in high-risk radon zones

Laki radonselvityksestä

Operators are always responsible for ensuring that all legally decreed radon analyses are performed


Operator = Shopkeeper, practitioner, business, community, foundation, institution, other employer or independent entrepreneur. With operators other than physical individuals (e.g. limited companies, foundations or municipalities), legal responsibility lies with the individual who has the highest power of decision within the organisation.


Requirements for radon testing are set forth by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

Threshold values for levels of radon at places of work are defined in section 27 of the Radiation Act. Levels of radon at permanent places of work may not exceed 400Bq/m³. Exceeding this threshold value necessitates action, and it is also applied to schools, preschools and other public facilities. Facilities where people work for a minimum of 20 hours per year (= approx. 6 min/day) must be tested. Radon testing is usually not required for places of work located above the ground floor. In such spaces, levels of radon are typically very low. Further instructions and requirements concerning radon at places of work are presented in the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s guidelines ST12.1 / 2.2.2011. The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s workplace radon analysis unit must be notified of results exceeding the threshold value. Our experts at Suomen radonhallinta Oy are prepared to assist you in this.


Radon testing is compulsory in certain parts of Finland

All employers are responsible for testing their facilities for radon in case there is cause to suspect that threshold values are exceeded. The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) keeps a list of municipalities where radon testing is compulsory. These municipalities are also presented on a map.

In addition to these areas, radon testing must be performed at places of work located on ridges or other highly permeable sand and gravel formations. Radon testing must also be performed for all underground places of work in permanent use. (Source: STUK)


Quick and easy radon testing for places of work throughout Finland

1.  Call us at +358 (0)10 323 1000 to get your radon issues sorted out.

2.  We will provide you with all the relevant documentation approved by the authorities.

3.  In case levels of radon over the threshold value are found, we will help you file the required notices to the authorities.

4.  All our operations are controlled, cost-efficient and approved by the authorities.


N.B. Radon testing should be reperformed in case the property in question has undergone major renovations where changes have been made to the ventilation system, or if floor structures have been opened up due to water damage. Testing should also be reperformed in case more than ten years have passed since the previous tests, and in case the previous results indicated concentrations higher than 300Bq/m³. (Source: STUK)

According to section 45 of the Radiation Act 592/1991 and the ST12.1/ 2.2.2011 guidelines, radon testing is compulsory in high-risk radon zones. This requirement concerns places of work, public facilities, schools and preschools, hospitals, care homes, station buildings, libraries, private childminders, religious facilities as well as sports, club and other recreational facilities.

Further regulations may be given by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority on the assessment of radon exposure as intended in this section of the Radiation Act. Radon testing at places of work is overseen by the Regional State Administrative Agencies, industrial safety administration and STUK. Test results must be valid at the time of quality audits. At places of work, radon analyses are a core part of occupational health and safety, helping to provide a safe environment for both the operator and their employees.

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