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Suomen radonhallinta Oy


Suomen radonhallinta Oy

Äyritie 12a
01510 Vantaa

Pre-booked customer pick-ups and scheduled meetings at the reception for building B, Presto.


Our customer service and experts are happy to assist you in all radon-related issues.

Contact details for our radon experts

Jarkko Ruokonen

Radon work, expert lectures and radon testing for mines

Jarkko Ruokonen

Qualified Radiation Site Supervisor, qualification granted by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.

Radon work training by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, polytechnic degree in engineering.

Mobile phone: +358 (0)50-3823591

Phone: +358 (0)10-3231001

E-mail: jarkko.ruokonen@suomenradonhallinta.fi


Our specialist in radon testing and large-scale radon work, Jarkko is an engineer by training.  Jarkko is also a qualified Radiation Site Supervisor, trained by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, and he has extensive experience in occupational health and safety. Upon request by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Jarkko has participated in drafting an expert statement for the new Radiation Act, the compiled Finnish regulations on construction D2 as well as for the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s ST guidelines. His special expertise covers solutions to challenging indoor air quality issues. Jarkko gives radon-related lectures and trainings throughout Finland. He is also an expert representing Suomen radonhallinta Oy in the European Radon Association and international radon-related collaborative projects. Jarkko is a radon work expert trained by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).

Martti Romu

Expert in geology and radon originating from the soil

Martti Romu

Licentiate in Philosophy, engineering geology, radon work training by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.

Calls via our switchboard at +358 (0)10-3231000

Our special expert, Licentiate Martti Romu has basic training in engineering geology from the University of Turku. He has also completed various complementary training courses in the construction industry and has extensive experience in industrial environmental and quality systems and emission trade. Martti has acted as a special expert in various international projects relating to soil and geology and has also represented Finland in the drafting of the European brick standard. He was a member of a radon work group operating in Finland and contributed to an expert statement given for the new Radiation Act. Martti has been trained by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).


Jarmo Salmenmäki

Radon testing and other services (Lahti region and Itä-Uusimaa)

Jarmo Salmenmäki

Construction engineer

Mobile phone: +358 (0)50-3823603

Phone: +358 (0)10-3231003

E-mail: jarmo.salmenmaki@suomenradonhallinta.fi

Jarmo has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry as well as strong expertise in construction. Jarmo is familiar with indoor air issues, and with his years of experience, he has become a rock-solid professional in the construction sector. Jarmo performs legally decreed radon exposure testing at places of work and for public administration in the Lahti region and in Itä-Uusimaa.

Arto Ruokonen

Radon testing and testing during work (Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa)

Arto Ruokonen

Master builder, Master of Economic Sciences, radon training by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.

Mobile phone: +358 (0)50-4410859

Phone: +358 (0)10-3231019

E-mail: arto.ruokonen@suomenradonhallinta.fi

Arto has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry and in large-scale construction projects. His strong expertise and experience in radon becomes evident in his daily work. He has performed radon exposure testing on sites covering a total of 3,500,000 m2. Arto has been trained by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).

Marja Salmenmäki

EU specialist, radon consultation and corporate customer service

Marja Salmenmäki

Mobile phone: +358 (0)50-3823603

Phone: +358 (0)10-3231003

E-mail: marja.salmenmaki@suomenradonhallinta.fi

Marja has worked closely with matters relating to the EU for a number of years. She also has strong expertise in the construction sector, as well as extensive experience in import activities and the related legislation. Marja provides radon consultation for corporate customers and public administration.

Mikko Näppä

Radon work and radon exposure testing during work

Mikko Näppä

Mechanical and industrial engineer

Mobile phone: +358 (0)50-4330523

Phone: +358 (0)10-3231074

E-mail: mikko.nappa@suomenradonhallinta.fi

Mikko is a mechanical and industrial engineer by training. He also holds a degree in electrical engineering. Mikko worked on radiotherapy appliances while he lived in England, an experience that provided him with strong expertise in radiation safety and good English language skills. In addition to radon work, Mikko performs radon exposure testing during work at places of work. Exposure testing during work is always performed using computerised gauges approved by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).

Jarkko Heinikari

Radon extraction equipment maintenance and installation

Jarkko Heinikari

Expert in radon work and diamond drilling. Years of experience in the construction industry guarantee the best results.


(Calls via our switchboard at +358 (0)10-3231000)

Arto Ketolainen

Radon exposure testing (Eastern Finland and North Carelia)

Arto Ketolainen

Master builder

Various VTT certificates for specialised research projects

(Calls via our switchboard at +358 (0)10-3231000)

Arto performs radon exposure testing in the northern Carelia region. He has over 25 years of experience in construction as well as a number of years’ experience in managing large-scale construction projects. Arto delivers radon gauges to customers in the northern Carelia region, performs the legally decreed radon exposure testing as well as radon analyses for private customers.

Petri Pietarinen

Radon testing and testing during work

Petri Pietarinen

Calls via our switchboard at: +358 (0)10-3231000


Petri is currently studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in business economics alongside his work. He has also completed a training programme for HVAC installation. Petri’s motto is to provide a high-quality, professional service. Petri’s diverse experience creates a solid foundation for his working with us.

Marru Jokela

Radon testing (Northern Finland)

Marru Jokela

Building restoration artisan, trade technician

Calls via our switchboard at +358 (0)10-3231000


Marru is a restoration expert specialising in solutions for culturally and historically prominent buildings. Marru performs radon testing in northern Finland.

Jussi Tenkula

Radon extraction equipment maintenance and installation

Jussi Tenkula
Ardi Kuslap

Radon exposure testing in Estonia

Ardi Kuslap

Radon work using all methods throughout Finland

Uponor radonkaivo Kepe


Our experienced and trained staff will perform radon work throughout Finland.

Radon wells, radon extractor fans, plinth suction hubs etc. We always apply the methods and products best suited for the site in question. A one-stop-shop for all radon services. Read more about radon extraction systems at www.radonway.fi

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Paper invoicing:

If you are not able to send an e-invoice, please address paper invoices as follows:
Suomen radonhallinta Oy
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Sending invoices via e-mail:

You can also send invoices in a PDF format via e-mail following the above instructions. The conditions listed below must also be met.

  • Invoices are sent as attachments.
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  • The maximum size of an e-mail is 10Mb.
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