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Core values at Suomen radonhallinta Oy

Our operations are guided by shared and unanimously decided upon values on which we pride ourselves.

suomen radonhallinta values


CUSTOMER-ORIENTED – individuality, expertise, reliability 

Our customers’ needs are the basis for our operation. We offer service packages tailored to each customer’s needs. Our services are highly professional, and as a service provider, we are honest and reliable. We only sell our customers the services they need. All our customers are treated equally.


IMPROVING – predictive, dynamic, constantly learning

We appreciate sensitivity and aim to react to changing situations in a prompt and goal-oriented manner. We are always open to new things and encourage creativity in each other. We like to question existing solutions and are constantly aiming to improve our practices. We are each responsible for our own professional development, share our expertise with others and encourage each other to learn.


RESPONSIBLE  respect, ethics, society

We wish to look after people, our society and the environment. We get it right the first time around, so there’s no need for fixing things later on. We regularly support charitable organisations and contribute to the solving of shared issues. We always treat our colleagues, business partners and competition with respect.

Customer promise

Individuality, expertise, reliability


Predictability, dynamism, continuous learning

Respect and esteem

Respect, right attitude, customer-friendliness


Respect, ethics, society


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