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About Us

We have focused our operations around the radioactive radon. We ensure our excellence by specialization and with the best procedures in business. Our business is to serve our customers and a satisfied customer is our top priority. To understand the needs of the customer and to be available quickly and take over assignments efficiently is the way we operate. We are committed to high quality and proper service attitude. The main focus of our activities are towns, cities, parishes, schools, day-care centers and work places. These make about 95 % of our sales.

Measurement services:

We operate in all areas in Finland managing measurements of radon gas levels in schools, day-care centers, parishes and public administration buildings. Our measurement procedure is accepted by laws and regulations. Used measurement methods are approved by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority - STUK


Legal obligations are easily fulfilled with our assistance and knowledge of radon gas levels in your environment is assured. We use the world´s leading manufacturer of radiation measurements, Landauer, measurement methods exclusively in Finland. Our company has cooperating agreement with testing laboratories, acknowledged and accredited by Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland (STUK), as well as accepted measurement protocols for radon gas.

Professional services:

Suomen radonhallinta is specialized in producing research of exposure to radon gas and measuring procedure of radon gas in buildings. We also have latest methods and know-how of measuring radon. Our services include information assistance, professional lecture, radon prevention counselling, measure reporting and supervising all over Finland.

Radon prevention services:

We cooperate with leading professionals in radon prevention. By our company, services in the field of radon prevention are available with one phone call. Transcendent experience and numerous references ensure the quality of our work.


Our service to the public is:

  • effortless
  • open and clear pricing
  • independent and nonaligned service
  • customer friendly, adjustable methods
  • documentation in Finnish and Swedish
  • accepted by law
  • free from travelling expenses, allowances or any hidden expenses
  • approximate costs from a couple of hundred € to few thousand €
  • report is valid archived for 10 years

As a socially responsible company we invest in publishing and giving out information about radioactive radon gas, both in Finnish and Swedish.

A comprehensive measurement method, expert and representative network make the company a leading service provider in the field. Our area of operation is the whole Finland. 

Qualifications of the company and its partners

  • Qualification of working as a foreman by Radiation law (592/91)18§
  • Radon education by Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland (STUK)
  • Radiation protection training as said in Säteilysuojelu ST1.8 (Radiation safety manual)
  • Cooperation with geologist and member of National radon prevention group
  • Certificates: condition survey, thermal imaging, indoor air research
  • Soil, bedrock and building materials specialist, Licentiate of Philosophy
  • Years of environmental planning, counseling and research experience
  • Structural engineer (AMK), Thesis for Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland (STUK)

Our ground staff also has

  • Identity card with photo
  • Hygiene passport
  • Safety card
  • Emergency first aid training

Customer promise

Individuality, expertise, reliability


Predictability, dynamism, continuous learning

Respect and esteem

Respect, right attitude, customer-friendliness


Respect, ethics, society


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